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    showExportPDFDialog with callback?

    Michel Roberge

      Hi all,


      Here's my scenario.


      Workbook is embeded and access through Trusted Authentication.

      Toolbar is hidden - I have my own toolbar.

      My toolbar has the 'Export to PDF' option, which I control within my app.


      What do I want?

      I would like to use the existing showExportPDFDialog functionality, but "catch" the PDF in the process. So I would like that method to have a Success Callback (or promise).


      So something like:



           // manipulate the file

           // window.href = downloadLink





      This way I could track in my system who exported the PDF and when. I could also save a copy in my system. And I could also add watermarks / page numbers. 


      Is this possible today? If yes, any idea how?