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    Admin views

    Manigandan Arumugam

      recently migrated from 8.2 to 10. and in admin view 2 dashboards 1) Traffic to Data sources 2) Background task for non-extracts appear empty. Any reason?

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          Jeff Strauss

          what version of 10?  Definitelty background tasks for non-extracts should at least have data and the first one most likely should too.

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            Rachael Otto

            If you're on Tableau Server 10.0.0 there is a known issue which could be causing the behavior. Issue 550841, which was resolved in 10.0.1, set the minimal adjustable value for the 'Min View Count' filter on the Traffic to Views Administrative View to 30, so even when the filter was adjusted to 0, only workbooks with 30 or more views were displayed. In addition, other users have reported issues related to the Action by Specific Users and Stats for Space Usage views when using Tableau Server version 10.0.0 which we believe were resolved with this fix. For more information please see the following page from our Release Notes (look for Issue ID 550841):

            Release Notes 10.0.1



            Thus to resolve this issue we recommend updating Tableau Server to 10.0.1 or a later version (we always recommend updating to the latest maintenance version of Tableau whenever upgrading, in this case 10.0.7, in order to ensure the most issue fixes as possible).

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