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    Calculating a Profit Factor

    Henry Wong



      My data source displays data in a daily format. One of the columns is profit/loss. So in other words it shows daily profit/loss. The data in the profit/loss column includes positive, negatives, and 0.


      What I'd like to be able to do is display on my dashboard what's called a "Profit Factor" which is achieved by taking sum of profit divided by sum of loss. The profit factor number must be positive and exclude the 0's.


      I've been able to accomplish this by making a separate column - Gross Profit and Gross Loss (presented as positive) and then created an LOD FIXED calculation. {SUM([Gross Profit])}/{SUM([Gross Loss])}. This gives me the profit factor for the complete set of data and the answer I'm looking for however when I'm adjusting through the filters on my dashboard, I would like this number to change according to my filters.


      1) Any suggestions to how to accomplish this in Tableau? This Profit Factor should also be affected by filters.

      2) Is there a more elegant approach to my data so I don't need to have a separate gross profit and gross loss column?


      Thank you!