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    Using LOD Calc to Find Min Order Date per Customer Each Year

    Chantal Dougan

      Hello - I'm wondering if it's possible to use an LOD calc to find a customer's first order date, within each given year (in my case, school year). I'm looking at Teachers placing their first order for each school year, and trying to chart how many teachers "activated" on a particular day or month over time (i.e., a running count of a customer's first order).


      This is the LOD that I've tried:

      if [School Year] = 'SY16' then {fixed [Customer Name]:min([Order Date])} end


      The LOD calc seems to still look within the entire 4 year data set to find that customer's first order date - see chart below. How do I stop it from looking outside of each "year"? I've found I can achieve this with custom SQL, but I'd like it to be more flexible - hoping with Tableau I'd be able to see Min Activation Date by Year by different "categories" - e.g., first order date for Product Type A, first order date for Product Type Z, etc, rather than having to create many different "activation types" by product category in my custom SQL.




      lod calc.png