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    Self-Signed SSL Cert

    Forrest Evans

      Is there any way to get the WDC browser in Tableau to access an https site that has a self-signed certificate?  I don't have the option to get it signed as this is just a lab environment.



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          Forrest Evans

          I was able to assign a trusted cert to the endpoint, but still getting an SSL Handshake Error.  Below is the error log.  Any thoughts on how I can get the WDC past an SSL handshake?



          {"ts":"2017-02-07T10:00:58.323","pid":8435,"tid":"27494","sev":"info","req":"-","sess":"-","site":"{97B13F50-1858-4D71-92E5-C61A00011F6C}","user":"-","k":"web-data-connector","v":"Network error occurred: Error 6 (SSL handshake failed).","ctx":{"client-type":"desktop","procid":"1579","tid":"75079","version":"10100.17.0118.2108"}}

          {"ts":"2017-02-07T10:00:58.324","pid":8435,"tid":"27494","sev":"info","req":"-","sess":"-","site":"{97B13F50-1858-4D71-92E5-C61A00011F6C}","user":"-","k":"web-data-connector","v":"Navigation failed. Trying to load ''","ctx":{"client-type":"desktop","procid":"1579","tid":"75079","version":"10100.17.0118.2108"}}

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            JUDE XAVIER

            Hello Evans,


            I seem to be having the same problem with my WDC. The API calls seem to work fine the simulator but when called from the Tableau Desktop, I get an error "Network error occurred: Error 6 (SSL handshake failed)".


            Were you able to get a solution for this problem?