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    Think Data Thursday - Vizception: D3.JS and Tableau integration - February 16, 2017 - 8:00 AM  Pacific

    Patrick Van Der Hyde

      Join Zen Masters Tamas Foldi and Chris DeMartini on February 16th for this live Webinar.  Tamas and Chris will go through their work on integrating D3.js natively on Tableau Server. You read that right, no additional server procurement or hosting required, just a few "hacks" and some HTML/CSS/JS. Have you envied d3.transition() when that path shelf was not available on server? Do you want to leverage the ~100 mapping projections available in D3.js? Then this is the #TDT for you.


      This session will touch on general concepts, what is required to integrate Tableau within d3.js within Tableau and also get into some detailed code along with live examples. A person of any level of skill can attend and see what is really possible on Tableau Server. Here are also some supporting posts from both Chris and Tamas on the topic:


      Tamas: Tableau JavaScript API without Embedding (the post that started it all)

      Chris: Native D3.js Integration on Tableau Server


      This webinar is closed as the event occurred on February 16, 2017. 


      This event will be recorded and posted on our YouTube Channel Playlist