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    Route direction using color (Tableau 10)

    Joseph Hobbs

      Hello Community,


      Generally, I'm looking for improvements to this proof-of-concept visual I'm making. Specifically, I want to show the direction of travel along a route by going from light blue to dark blue.


      This map has 3 goals:


      • Show freight lanes that we placed a bid on and how many shipments our clients said would be there.
      • Show actual freight and revenue data along those same lanes to see if we got as many shipments as the bid file said was there
      • Show which terminals we want the freight to go through (with a simple R/Y/G coding)


      To do this though, I need to show which direction the freight is traveling. I've tried layering in arrows via Alteryx, but it doesn't suit my needs because I can't do use a dual-axis to show terminals then.

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          Jim Dehner

          See the attached - I changed your NEED to get to color directly

          then changed the LON2 tile to line and placed need onto color and made it a line




          IF [% Inbound] <= .4 THEN "Red"

          ELSEIF  [% Inbound] <= .50 THEN "Yellow"

          ELSE "Green"




          Will this work for you

          Please let me know


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            Joseph Hobbs

            No, unfortunately, it doesn't. For instance, is this freight going from Washington to Texas or from Texas to Washington?


            This is included in the Origin/Destination (O/D) Dimension but I've not found a food way to incorporate it.


            However, if I use Need to determine color, I might be able to color-code the terminal dots based on Origin/Destination.

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              Jim Dehner

              1- I'm not certain what you want - I looked at your viz and could not determine direction - and to really understand what you were trying to achieve


              2 - If you go to the LON2 tab and make the chat type dots That's exactly what it will do - When I first made the chat the terminals showed up in color - I thought you wanted the lines in color



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                Joseph Hobbs

                Sorry for the confusion. The post mentions route direction as does my first paragraph, so I assumed we were on the same page.


                Tableau's instructions on maps involve making two rows that represent a line between an origin and destination. So here's Tableau's suggested data setup:

                Origin-DestinationStationPath IDLatitudeLongitude


                And here is mine:



                O/DTerminalLane ID


                I then map the Terminal ID to a Lat/Lon.


                So, my primary goal is not to color the lines (I can do that) but instead to show which direction freight is traveling (from Origin Terminal to Destination Terminal)


                My Secondary goal is to have the dual axis show favorable terminals through Red/Yellow/Green coding.


                Does that help clarify?

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                  Joseph Hobbs

                  So, instead of using color, I found a forum post here where they managed to get direction based off an Origin/Destination dimension. I think that solved my problem!