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    Capturing Dashboard Usability Data

    Laissa Lai

      I like to know if anyone has done any usability studies on their dashboards e.g. which filters, parameters or buttons are being used most or least.  Are there tools that could help capture the patterns of usage?  Any ideas or recommendations are appreciated. Thanks.

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          Hey Laissa,


          While I don't know how to audit the specific usage of a dashboard, you may be able to get useful higher level usage info:


          What's in your workbooks? The TWB Auditor


          Tableau Zen: Custom Tableau Server Admin Views



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            Laissa Lai

            Hi Diego,


            Thanks so much for the links!  They certainly can provide useful higher level usage info.  I wonder if anyone has tried Lucky Orange or Hotjar with Tableau.



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              Becky Bui

              Hi Laissa,
              This sounds like a really neat idea, have you done other investigations on usability for your end users? I am curious about any assessments people have done on their Tableau dashboards.




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                Chadd Bennett

                Great question, Larissa,

                Over the past two weeks I tested out a few services for a project in development involving 3-5 Tableau Public embeds in a Drupal hosted site, using both the iframe and JS code. All the services used a small script embedded in the page, seemingly to track mouse movement...honestly it was a bit creepy to watch.  One was close to great, though none of them captured any of the interactive elements such as tootips or changes due to filters or parameters.

                The dashboards aren’t public and just being visited by me and a few internal users from 11/27/2017 to 12/4/2017


                • HotJar: 13 user visits and captured static images of all the embedded dashboards on the page
                • Mouseflow: 20 visits but only one dashboard on the page to load and sometimes inconsistently. I do wonder if it would work better if we had only one dashboard embedded?
                • FullStory or LogRocketdidn’t capture any underlying image of the dashboard, just a blank space where the div was


                Since Tableau Public/Online serving up the dashboards are on a different domains, it seems they will run into cross-origin security issues; not sure if this could be resolved for On Prem servers

                This seems like an awesome opportunity for Tableau add a feature to help us further improve our dashboards by tracking user behavior!