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    Upgrade from user perspective


      Hi All,


      We are going for Tableau Upgrade 10.1 soon. Could you please let me know what are the prerequisites for upgrade from users dashboard perspective. Do we need to take any care for dashboards explicitly?

      Do we face any issues in dashboard formatting , any functions failure /not working?

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          Jeff Strauss

          We recently upgraded from 9.2.6 to 10.1.3, for the most part dashboards still rendered as expected and there was no special care we needed to do outside of a restore from a backup after a sparkly clean install.


          There were some outlier exceptions that I haven't had time yet to share with support, partially because I wasn't able to consistently recreate.

          1. One dashboard that goes against a text file without headers wasn't able to consistently render.  We added headers to the text file and it works now.

          2. One dashboard that has custom colors and is displayed on a TV using the guest account, sometimes on data refresh loses the custom colors.

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            Toby Erkson

            Trinadha K wrote:


            We are going for Tableau Upgrade 10.1 soon...

            What is your current version?


            Normally there's nothing that needs to be done.  If there are issues then they are likely bugs as Jeff mentioned.

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              Donna Coles

              Hi there


              We recently upgraded from v9.0.3 to v10.1.1 and the upgrade itself went very smoothly.  We only have a single server set up so much less complex :-)


              On the whole all existing content has been ok.  As Jeff mentioned we've had a few exceptions with the odd workbooks

              1) some legends on dashboards which had titles hidden, showed the title, so now appeared squashed up

              2) had one instance of a 'no such column...' error on a workbook that ended up being due to a field created via custom grouping.  we have workaround, but issue is with Tableau support

              3) had issue with another wb that contains an extract of a published server data source that connects live to a SQL server, also with Tableau support


              Note - we have nearly 2000 workbooks published and the features mentioned above are utilised in other workbooks which aren't erroring so issues are few and far between and fortunately we have workarounds so no one is jumping up and down waiting for the complex issue to be fixed.


              We've also had some rumblings from users that they're finding things a bit slower than before, something I've seen others outside my company mention too.


              Hope that helps a bit.

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                Nathan Panuco

                Be sure all the users have a supported browser! Using older browsers and then upgrading to Tableau Server 10+ will result in rendering issues: With Tableau 10.0, we’ll stop supporting older versions of Internet Explorer | Tableau Software


                Microsoft has ended support for versions of IE older than 11. When we release Tableau 10.0 later this year, we will also no longer support versions 8, 9, and 10 of Internet Explorer. That means you won’t be able to connect to Tableau Server 10.0 or Tableau Online using one of these older versions of IE.


                We will continue to support the versions of the Microsoft browsers that Microsoft provides support for, specifically Internet Explorer 11 and the Microsoft Edge browser. These are in addition to supporting Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers.


                If you’re committed to an older version of IE for whatever reasons, you will need to remain on an older version of Tableau as well (a pre-Tableau 10.0 version).

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                  Jeff Strauss

                  oh good point!  I forgot about this qualifier.

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                    Toby Erkson

                    Me too!  Thanks Nathan

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                      Hi All,


                      Thank you all for providing the inputs. Hope they will be very helpful at that time of upgrade.