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    SAP BW Connection and BW Hierarchies - Very poor performance

    Charles Belt

      When using 64 bit Tableau Desktop 10.4 with SAP-BW 7.31 Patch 17 (Under SAP GUI 7.4 patch 7), I have experienced significant performance issues when connecting an infoprovider or a query that has a characteristic that has large hierarchies associated with it, even though those hierarchies are not active in the query. If a hierarchy has more than a few hundred possible values, the connection process takes many hours, if at all. The issue surrounds Tableau's insistence that it download all possible hierarchies for each dimension.  Since SAP-BW uses a BAPI to do the download ( BAPI_MDPROVIDER_GET_HIERARCHYS ), the processing is all done on the BW side.


      Is there a way to turn OFF the 'get hierarchies' function in the Tableau BW Connection ? TIA !