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    LOD to show if value in record is appearing in more than one "group"

    Adam Ehrenworth

      I have a file export with employee records based on leadership groups. In some case the same employee record (Employee ID) might appear more than once if they are in more than 1 group.


      I want to have a calculated field that can represent if that Employee ID is appearing in more than one group and if so, another one that show how many groups they are in:



      Employe IDLeader GroupIn More Than 1 GroupGroup Count
      12345Group 1Y2
      12345Group 2Y2
      45678Group 3N1
      123123Group 1Y3
      123123Group 3Y3
      123123Group 4Y3
      55555Group 4N1



      Can this be done easily? I am having trouble figuring out how and LOD might be used here....