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    Tableau Desktop/Reader Cache Maintenance?

    Jonathan Stone

      I noticed at one point my cache was almost 10GB. I think I had been running the same OS install for over a year at that point so it was not "huge" for the time period or for the lifetime of OS images (usually no more than 3 years). So I am wondering now, is there anything built in and turned on by default to prevent the Tableau Desktop/Reader cache from becoming very large? e.g. might old or infrequently-used entries be purged when a size threshold is exceeded?


      I see I can manually clear it from Clearing the Tableau Desktop Query Cache | Tableau Software and I think this is fine for developers (Tableau Desktop) but I am wondering if I will ever have to message to my users (Tableau Reader) they could need to do this occasionally. I see we can also disable the cache from Disabling External Caching in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Reader | Tableau Software but this is also not an out-of-the-box default.


      My concerns stem around long-term eventual behavior when workbook consumers have opened lots of workbooks with different data connections and whether we need to recommend occasional cache clearing. I would much rather the Reader/Desktop software maintained the cache itself rather than making it our/our users' problem.


      Probably if nothing is in place already (I can't seem to find it documented) I would submit a "community idea" to have a cache clear button in the menu or to simply limit it to 5GB or something.