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    Inconsistent Data Querying When Using Embedded Parameters in SQL

    Joseph Rushing

      Hello,  I am using Tableau 10.1, and am experiencing the issues as described.


      I have a number of data sources that are all using the same parameter in the SQL as a filter (Oracle Custom SQL).   In each Data Source, I've created a calculated field that was simply the value of the parameter, so that any workbook that attached to any of the data sources would automatically create that parameter.


      I then upload each data source to our Tableau Server. 


      I then create a new workbook that connects to these data sources via the Tableau Server.   I create separate worksheets that each connect to a different data source and create a dashboard to put them all together.


      I have a parameter filter that I use on the dashboard that I would expect to update all data sources and consequently all worksheet visualizations, but for whatever reasons, it doesn't update all of them or even the worksheet/data source the parameter filter is pulled from.


      I wish I could attach a workbook but its all custom SQL and data I can't exactly post.


      Any ideas?