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    Tableau 9.3 - Dynamic filter selections on multi select cascading filters based on scope

    Vignesh Aiyer

      I have a business requirement wherein the client requires filters to be dynamically selected/unselected based on the scope defined by business. I have included an example to explain it more clearly. Please find attached the packaged workbook as well.


      We have 3 filters model, brand and category. The scope is defined by the model filter which is defined as follows


      For example,


      Model     Brand     Category

      M1          Daimler    Car

      M2          Chings     Foods

      N\A     Show all relevant values


      The following is a screenshot of the sample tableau data source:


      The dashboard should select the relevant brand and category for the model filters while showing other options as well such as M1, Maggi and Foods as an option available to be selected. The same applies for Model M2. However, when there is no model available (in this case N\A) all relevant values for brand and category are required to be displayed and selected by the filter. The following is an example for model M1 and M2 for which filters have to be selected and deselected dynamically based on another filter selection.




      Could anyone of you let me know if this is possible to be done with tableau? Also, the sheet does not show relevant values right now but that shall be implemented in the actual tableau workbook. This selection has to be cascading in any order as well. As in, if any selection is made on category and Brands, then it should affect the other two filters as well.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!