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    Combined dimensions - not quite

    Sean Kersey



      I have a scorecard that I am trying to setup to automate in Tableau, and have ran into a snag.


      Basically, there are a set of questions that fall into specific categories. What I would like to do is show a score for specific categories. Each answer has a possible Y, N, NA





      Question 1 - Did they know this?

      Question 2 - Did they know that?

      Question 3 - Etc.



      Question 1 - Did they follow-up?

      Question 2 - How often?

      Question 3 - Etc.


      What I want Tableau to do for me is produce a Pass/Error rate for each main category, not just the individual questions. Currently, each question is a single dimension, and when I "combine" them it gives me funky results.


      I tried a IF [Question 1] = "Y" THEN "Y"

      ELSEIF [Question 2] = "Y" THEN "Y"




      But that appears to only give me results for one of my dimensions.


      Have only been using Tableau for around 3 months so appreciate any assistance! Thanks!