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    Tracking Shelf Life of Products (Calendar)

    Eleonor Hellblom



      I want to be able to track my products shelf life, from the date they were released in to store, how long they are there for and how long they have been there (number of days so far/total number of days). I have already done a gantt chart with pictures as shapes but it looks very basic and it is hard to make the product pictures look good (some are vertical some are horizontal so I am trying to find another way to do it, more visually attractive.


      So I was thinking something more like the mock up below (done in paint, so apologies for the quality), where you have a colored bar (filled or not filled), with product picture (does not have to be round) and details (name, % complete, sales) etc. It doesn't need to look like this, so any inspiration is welcomed! It just need to show how long the product has been in stores, if it is completed or not and a picture of the product.





      I have attached a sample data set. Thank you for reading and you help.