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    Crystal reports to Tableau reports

    Sunil Tikar



      One of reporting user group of my organazation reached out to us with their requirment on converting Crystal reports to Tableau report . Just wanted to check here in community if any one has done that ? Is it good to use "converting" here? Any method/tool which can be used here .


      My possble guess is- users need to create fresh reports on Tableau desktop and then publish them on tableau server . there is no sciene of "converting" Crystal reports to Tableau report .


      Just checking if anyone has any thoughts on this.


      Regards ,


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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Sunil!


          You're 100% correct. Tableau and Crystal are two very different animals and most people who adopt Tableau are moving away from the sort of reporting you get from tools like Crystal and SSRS, That said, a wholesale "lift and shift" via a conversion tool wouldn't make sense.


          There are a few 3rd party solutions there that might help you consume something like a BOBJ Universe as a data source, but no "Conversion Wizards" I've seen.


          I'd advise you to tell your team that this is an opportunity to really review what business needs are around analytics and reporting, You'll probably end up "throwing out" 60%+ of the current reports that you have. You'd be surprised at how much "cruft" builds up over the years that no one really ever uses anymore.  Take the remaining 30-40% and try and figure out better ways to get this information to your users.


          Hope this helps.

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            Sunil Tikar

            Thank you for your robust reply .