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    Data Download only using filter

    Elisabeth Meyer


      I am trying to give my partners the ability to download data for their entire county. The visualizations themselves incorporate other filters and I want them to have the option to download a full dataset of only their county without the other filters involved (so not the entire underlying set, but the set for their county only, but not broken down by category as the dashboards are). I tried to accomplish this by making a new page on my story that includes a blank worksheet with only the county filter on it. I thought this would work per Download Data and Crosstab Options Are Unavailable | Tableau Software where it notes that making a selection in a quick filter will allow the data download option to not be greyed out, but it still is for me. I'm not sure if this should work (it seems like it should based on that support article) or if there is some work around I can try to make people "select" the sheet another way.


      I'm testing this in Tableau public for the time being, but will be using our server for it in future iterations, if that makes any difference.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!