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    Joining Local Results in Tableau 10...

    Eli Sobylak

      I attempting to re-create reports we run in a piece of software called Hyperion (think tableau without the visuals) into Tableau reports.


      One of the reports in Hyperion takes results from two queries and unions them locally to produce secondary results which is what I'm looking for.


      My question; is there functionality in Tableau that allows you to collect results from two independent queries/sheets and union/join them?


      I've seen functionality that allows you to do Unions in the Data Source tab before. But my data sources are databases, and that 'new union' option seems to have been disabled now.


      There's no reason for me to attach a workbook since I'm dealing with data sources and they're databases so I can't share them.


      Here's a walk through explaining what joining local results looks like in Hyperion https://kb.wisc.edu/helpdesk/page.php?id=7589


      Thanks in advance!

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          Chris McClellan

          Without looking at the video, Tableau allows you to blend which is much like a join but done locally after both datasets are returned.


          But do you want to do a union or a join, they are two very different things really.

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            Isaac Kunen

            Hi Eli,


            As Chris suggested, if you're trying to join, then there are a few ways you might do this in Tableau today (blending or cross-database joins). The union will be hard to do with Tableau today. You might be able to fake this with a full-outer join and some aggressive coalescing, but it would likely be a pretty hideous solution.


            We are working on a product that should be able to do this kind of work. If you're interested, you might consider signing up for a beta of Project Maestro when it becomes available.