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    Retention rate: Having Multiple dimensions in LOD, Numbers are inaccurate, can some one help me here

    E B

      Dear users,


      i'm facing issue while using LOD expression to calculate Retention numbers and

      %. To calculate the retention numbers using Email id as my unique dimension.

      ({ FIXED  [Hash Email],:MIN([Order Dt])}. This formulae is giving me right retention numbers at quarterly / yearly when no other filters are applied in the sheet. But any particular dimension is used / filter is applied on the sheet the retention numbers goes off. To fix this i started adding new dimensions into LOD

      ({ FIXED  [Hash Email],[Channel]:MIN({ INCLUDE [Hash Email],[Channel]:MIN([Order Dt])})}),

      during This scenario values for channel filter was working accurate but the overall goes off, can any help me how to write this to get correct LOD to obtain accurate retention numbers by selecting filter / not selecting filter.


      Any help much appreciated here,