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    Goal Line

    Anu Chandra



      I'm trying to add monthly goal to my actual installs/Pending chart. I used dual axis option but my legend is looking off. Is there a way to fix it or there is a better way of handling this? Find my attached workbook.




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          Joe Oppelt

          I took a stab at it, though I'm not sure what you really want to see.


          I set the color pill independently for STATUS and for SUM([Goal]).  that gives you two different color legends.


          Just to show what you can do with that, I put the sheet on a dashboard, and shoved the two legends into a floating container.  I took off the titles from the two legends.  If the STATUS values grow (maybe some day a "deferred" status will show up, for example), the GOAL legend will just move down in the legend container below whatever the STATUS legend grows to.

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            Anu Chandra

            That looks good to me. But what was I doing wrong?

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              Joe Oppelt

              By having both color pills at the "ALL" level, it was creating a cross-grid of all the possible color combinations between STATUS and Measure names at the top-level of the sheet, all in one legend.


              Separating them allows the two legends to remain independent of each other.