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    Implementing Incremental on a "NON APPEND" only datasource..??

    Gayathri Ganesh

      Hello everyone,


      I am actively looking out for any ideas/suggestions how to implement incremental refresh on a non append only data source.


      My company's data source is not an append only data source.(i.e,) The existing data is changed (over-ridden) as well as new data is appended to the existing. For this reason i can not implement the usual tableau default incremental process as any changes to the existing data will not be reflected in my extract. But this forces me to do a full refresh every single day and this has it's own drawbacks including very long extract refresh time.


      Is there any options to go ahead and implement an incremental refresh to the above scenario?


      My initial hunch was to do a full refresh on the weekend and an incremental to the existing data on weekdays? (using TABCMD ) .


      Any ideas on the above?