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    Embedded view missing / does not render

    Tony Chang

      Talked to Tableau Technical Support and directed me to the JavaScript Community API forums. Feel free to correct me.

      The problem I'm having is the embedded view also known as original view - custom view - default view. The embedded view does not render on the JavaScript API page without a Tableau Server account running in another browser.

      The normal authentication protocol applies for accessing views on a server. If the code is getting a view from Tableau Public, no authentication is required. However, if the code is getting a view from a hosted instance of Tableau Server, authentication is typically required. If the user is not already signed in to the server, Tableau Server should redirect the request for a view to the server sign in page, and the user must provide a username and password. Without a Tableau Account to the Server you can't view the API page due to authentication.

      The problem is, the user has access to the API & Server but does not have access the to the embedded original view unless a Tableau Server Account is running in the background(in another browser). If we load the Tableau Server and refresh the API page it seems to come back. Why is Original view missing without Tableau Server running in the background?



      1. Log into Tableau Server with credentials.

      2. Use the browser to open the API page.

      3. Original view embed missing.

      4. Open a new browser log into Tableau Server.

      5. Refresh the API page and Original View is back.