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    Which is gud ? Tableau Server on Physical Machine OR VM?

    sudhakar reddy

      Hello All,


      I just want to know the limitations of Tableau on VM to that of physical machine and vice versa



      Please share you experience.



      Sudhakar Reddy


      Which is gud ? Tableau Server on Physical Machine OR VM?

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          Both are good.  But here is the key takeaway that often gets overlooked if going the VM route (from the white paper)


          Latency Sensitivity


          Tableau Server prefers very low latency or jitter when performing complex data visualization or analysis. Running Tableau Server on a virtualization platform can pose some challenges due to the inherent overhead of abstracting and sharing physical hardware and resources.


          VMware addresses the latency challenges posed by virtualization in this whitepaper: Deploying Extremely Latency-Sensitive Applications in VMware vSphere 5.5.


          Not everything in the whitepaper is pertinent to a Tableau Server deployment on vMotion-enabled VMs, but the key guidance points are:


          • Reserve 100% of the CPU for Tableau Server

          • Reserve 100% of the memory for Tableau Server

          • Overprovision physical CPUs

          • Use separate physical NIC for VMs

          • Use NetIOC

          • Disable all power management in BIOS and vSphere

          • Set latency sensitivity to HIGH

          • Disk write speeds of 250 MB/s or above are recommended for optimum write performance


          We recommend applying the above settings if you are not getting the level of performance that you expect from your deployment of Tableau Server on VMware.

          Full white paper here: