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    How to: connect locations on a map? (TABLEAU 10.1)

    Christos Gardikiotis

      Hi Tabeau community.


      I am looking for a solution to something very simple for you veteran Tableau users. I'm rather new to Tableau and still getting the hang of it. Basically, what I'm trying to do is:


      Use a map with city locations (categorised as Origin in the sheet) of the United Kingdom (categorised as Country) and link these cities to Historic Places (castles, ruins, monuments etc. - categorised as Destination) with lines. Each city has a number of sessions of people who have searched for a specific historic place. Example: people in the city of Birmingham have searched for Acton Burnell Castle 1 time (1 Session) in December, but they've searched for Apethorpe Palace 7 times (7 Sessions) during that same monthly period. I want to be able to click on Birmingham on the map and see which historic places its population has searched for using lines to connect city (Origin) with historic place (Destination). And I'd like to do the reverse. I have a sheet with columns such as ORIGIN, ORIGIN LATITUDE, ORIGIN LONGITUDE, DESTINATION, DESTINATION LATITUDE, DESTINATION LONGITUDE, SESSIONS, COUNTRY. I have attached the Packed Workbook for clarity.


      I'm aiming to achieve the king of map view you'll see here https://public.tableau.com/profile/matt.chambers#!/vizhome/BlametheWeather/BlametheWeather


      Looking forward to some helpful tips.