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    Is this a bug in v10.1.3 ?

    Priyanka Patnaik

      Hi All Experts,

      I have created a tableau workbook on Tableau desktop 9.3.8 that connects to Horton hive as its data source. There is a date field in Hive and it is in 'String" data format. So I used to pull it in tableau desktop and convert it to Date datatype (by using the default change data type option) and then I used it in reporting. Tableau was able to read data from that field and I was able to build the reports and create extract using that field.


      After we have upgraded to tableau version 10.1.3, tableau is unable to read the date field and I am unable to create any extract or do any reporting. All I see in the field is NULL.  Can anyone please explain how to go forward with this?