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    Is there any way to join two Published Tableau Data Source ?

    Manideep Bhattacharyya

      With the release of Tableau 10.1 we have got lots of new features. One of the strongest promising feature is Cross Database Join.

      But is there any way of Tableau Cross database join, through which two published Tableau data sources can be joined ?

      I know blending.  Blending won't help in my business scenario.


      Here in this case, we have a large Sales Transaction Table (half billion records for 2 years data), which has five columns; three dimensions (Time id, Product Id and store id) and two measures (Sales Value and Sales Volume). We have three dimensional table and each table will have around 15 columns. Now my plan is to publish all these three dimensional tables and Sales Transactions table as Tableau Data sources.


      Now I want to join all these 4 published Tableau Data sources in Tableau and want to derive outputs.


      Tableau Gurus - could you please put some lights.



      Manideep Bhattacharyya