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    Comparing the number of records that match different filters on the same dimension

    Anita Viggh

      Hi there, I'm a student who is just starting with tableau and struggling. I need to make some data visualizations for a class, and I've run into a problem that seems like it should be simple, but I don't know the right thing to google. Maybe it's not as simple as it sounds to me.


      The survey I was given to analyze has a short answer question where people list what pets they have. Because it was open-ended, there are a lot of different answers, but I want to compare the presence of certain keywords. I want to make a bar graph that compares the number of people who had "dog" in their answer to the number of people who have "cat" in their answer, and so on.


      I have found that I can narrow it down to just the dog-owners or just the cat-owners by using a keyword filter, but I haven't found a way to compare the results of this filtering in a single graph. Is it possible? How do I do it?