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    How to calculate sum of Sales for different deal Stages but for the same period

    Karolina Skvortsova

      I have 2 different Stage Sales Group: Won and Open and I need to sum 2 amounts in Tableau but the problem is that the period is the same:


      [Won] = IF  TODAY() - [Close Date] <= 7 and [Stage Group]= 'Won' then (-[Sales])



      [Open]  = IF TODAY() - [Close Date] <= 7 and [Stage Group]= 'Open' and [Time group] = 'New'

      then [Sales]


      Now I don't see any value if I simply sum up them.


      e.g. [Won] = -10

            [Open] = 5

      [Won] + [Open] = -5



      How can I calculate this amount [Won] + [Open]? They are 2 different values but the same time period