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    I'm trying to plot specific locations in the UK, but do not understand how to input my data?

    Roshni Gorur

      Hi all,


      I'm using Tableau Public 10.1 and have watched all of the intro videos as well as read through forums and looked at sample data sets. I'm trying to create a map of venues in the UK where you can ultimately filter by region like on this Viz: Airbnb Prices in San Francisco | Tableau Public


      However, I can't even make the locations plot in the first place! I have the Lat/Long coordinates, as well as venue names, street addresses, and postal codes. Am I dragging them onto the canvas incorrectly? I can make a point appear for London, but how I do I make 5 points appear each at different coordinates in the UK? Then how can I filter by region/postcode? I don't understand what data I am missing (I included the small test set I'm working with below just to see if I can make the addresses plot). I feel like I must be missing something completely obvious, but I can't figure out how to make Tableau plot specific street locations, even with Lat/Long!


      Thanks so much!