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    How to create a calculated field from within a single column

    Dustin Brickwood

      Hello All!

      --Using Version 9.3


      The title of this discussion is brutal but I do not know a better way of describing my issue that I am trying to resolve. Basically, I have a field [Sales Type] that has six rows (see below):


      I want to be able to create a calculated field, that would look something like this: [Event Sales - Return of Event Sales], ( I would do this for each, Event, Discount, Regular).  Then take each of these fields and display each calculated field within a table. I have attached a packaged workbook that illustrates my point a bit clearer. The first sheet shows the [Sales Type] field as is, while the second sheet shows what I would like the end result to be.


      Any suggestions are welcomed and encouraged! Also, if you happen to think of a better name to describe this post please let me know so I may change the title for the next person looking to resolve a similar issue.






      Sales Type

      Event Sales
      Discount Sales
      Regular Sales
      Return of Event Sales
      Return of Discount Sales
      Return of Regular Sales