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    Unable to see email subscription icon in Tableau Server

    Max Wong

      Hi there,


      I am still not seeing the subscribe icon in Tableau Server. I have enabled everything for the subscription to work except for point number 2 below since I was unable to find the option to enable/disable subscription in the general settings or anywhere in Tableau Server. Does anyone have any idea how do I go about this?


      1. Tableau Server must have subscriptions enabled via the configuration tool

      2. The Site settings must have Subscriptions enabled.

      3. The User trying to subscribe must have an email address

      4. The User trying to subscribe must have View permissions on the view

      5. The data connections in the workbook must have credentials embedded (or require none)

      6. The view must not have been loaded via a redeemed Trusted Ticket (trusted authentication)

      7. There must be at least one Subscriptions schedule in a non-disabled state






      Note: The checklist was obtained from another thread - Enabling subscription