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    User named 'local\something' cannot get trusted ticket

    Michel Roberge

      Hi all,


      We use sites heavily and the REST API heavily, and have to support LDAP and local installations. I also have multi-tenant situations where some users will be on a site, and some users on another site.


      To avoid clash of user names, our convention is to use 'site\username'. This way, if two user have the same user name on different system, they'll be fine as their tableau user name will be




      This works well, as it also is similar to domain names, therefore easily maintainable by us.


      My issue: if I create a site named 'local', my users will be named 'local\username'. Trusted authentication does not like that.


      2017-01-26 15:52:09.103 -0500 catalina-exec-44 demo  ERROR requestId=WIpheQrr-TgAACOk9BsAAAFC: wgsessionId= com.tableausoftware.model.workgroup.service.TrustedTicketServiceImpl - Invalid user: local\test


      event though that user exists

      If I call my site anything else (so far), I am ok.


      My question to Tableau: should I just prevent "local" as a site name, like "default"? Or is local something special?