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    Big Query Connection

    Sanjay Mistry

      hi I am trying to connect Tableau to Google Big Query data, public data sets. Here are the data sets -Medicare Data  |  BigQuery Documentation  |  Google Cloud Platform


      For some reasons, I am not able to get the listing of Medicare data set. In my listing after I connect, nothing much shows up and once I type in the database name, it can't find it.


      What am I doing wrong? See the video. I am trying to follow it but no success -Explore 300 million records of global-events data | Tableau Software



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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Sanjay,


          so be sure to add the project 'bigquery-public-data' to the Project area once you have accepted all the google screens.  When I first clicked into that database link, it took me through a few screens to enable the data for 'My Project'.  Quickly I was able to create a list of Provider States for Avg total Payments for Outpatient Charges from 2014.  Sorted by State.


          I don't think you will be able to use it but here is a workbook from Tableau 10.1.3 connected to this data set as well.  I think you will need to be sure your own credentials have access and that you have accepted the google terms/conditions screens. 


          Hopefully that helps you get going.



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            Sanjay Mistry

            Thanks Patrick. I will try that out. By the way, did you mean to attach a workbook? I didn't see anything attache.