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    Identifying Unique Store-Item Combinations from Different Sheets

    Ginger Macfarlan

      I have two sheets in a workbook. Each contains a complete Item Number-Store Number table: one a "Pre-Store Updates" table and one a "Post-Store Updates" table. I'm trying to come up with a way to compare the two sheets in Tableau that labels which items are new to a given store (i.e., a unique store-item combination appears ONLY on the "Post-Store Updates" sheet), which items are no longer in a given store (i.e., unique store-item combo appears ONLY on the "Pre-Store Updates" sheet), and then which items in a given store have remained the same (store-item combo appears in both). To add complexity, there are more store numbers on the "Post" list since more stores have been opened, so I need a way to account for that, as well.


      This seems like a doable goal, but I'm at a loss for how to calculate it in Tableau. I'm working in Tableau 10.1.