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    why my workbook is duplicated when published to server and my SQL disappeared

    Jose litux



      I created a dashboard on Desktop version 10  to be published on my Tableau Server using an extract from my database.

      Published that dashboard to server (scheduled update for extraction, separate connection, embedded credentials...) and....voilá! suddenly I got two identical dashboards at my "Open" page in Tableau Desktop


      Now, i don't know which one is my "true" dashboard. I assumed that the one with a name pointing to server URL is the Server one, so I opened the desktop one to make some improvements but my data source tab is completeley changed. The extract has disappeared replaced by a list of connections/extracts (I guess from server) and can't find the SQL i used for the extract.

      Now i can't edit the SQL,


      How can I be sure of keep a consistent upgrading/improving Dashboard if i don't know which is the "real" one?


      So, i spent part ot my day making backups prior to server publishing just in case I need to modify the Query because the only way to get back to my SQL tab is restoring the last dashboard copy just before publishing, editing and overwriting the server version.


      Anyone can give some hints about why this is happening? what am I doing so wrong?