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    Clearing All Highlights/Selections from Dashboard

    Kate Bacon

      I have a dashboard with several visuals that I'm using as filters. As the user selects segments within the visual, it updates the other visuals, including some totals towards the top of the dashboard. I want an easy way for the user to reset the selections so that none of the visuals are filtered/highlighted. I have added a "Reset" worksheet to the dashboard and created an action on it so that when the user clicks it, it clears the filters on the other visuals on the page. The worksheet functions correctly, however, even though the filters are cleared, the segments remain selected/highlighted on the visuals. Is there a workaround to get the highlighting/selection to clear as well as the the actual data filters?


      Functioning Reset Filter:


      Example of what one of the visuals looks like AFTER clicking the reset button (the labels updated to the correct total, but the bar still remains highlighted)