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    Month over Month % Difference Across Measures

    Marc Levy

      I'd like the % difference Month over Month to show in the tooltip based on the category and measure names.


      For instance, if I hover over Furniture Quantity for February (71), I would like it to show in the tooltip the month over month % difference from Quantity for January (86).  In this case, I wouldn't want it to show month over month difference for sales or profit, just quantity.  Same goes for Profit and for Sales.  For example, if I hover over profit for May, only showing the difference from the previous month (April) for profit.


      Attached is a sample SuperStore workbook.  Appreciate any help, ideally the solution could be explained and shown within the workbook.

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          Jamieson Christian



          Unfortunately, this is not easily done without hacking up your view pretty heavily. The main issue is that [Measure Names] and [Measure Values], being auto-generated "meta" fields, are not accessible to calculations, so you can't detect what [Measure Name] you're on or do a calculation that only involves the current [Measure Value]. (If you could, the table calculation would be simple.)


          Furthermore, you can only customize the Tooltip for each distinct measure in your view, but since [Measure Values] is collectively considered one measure, you only get one Tooltip to edit.


          The only option that I'm aware of, then, is to rework the view so that each measure has its own Marks card, by using the MAX(0.0) trick to make a Bar chart behave like a Text chart. It's ugly, and there are certain things that are difficult to fix. In my example, I got it close, but there are still the issues of numbers not being right-aligned and no decent header for the measure names.




          Honestly, this is one of those times where I would carefully weight the benefit of having such a particular customization on your tooltip, versus the amount of complexity you will add to your view to achieve it.


          You may be interested in up-voting this idea, which would give you more flexibility:

          Use Measure Values in calculated fields |Tableau Community


          I've attached a workbook of my efforts for your reference, but I'm afraid it's in version 10.1.3, so you may not be able to open it.