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    All values in measure became the same

    Alena Egorova

      Hello everyone,


      I've just downloaded Tableau and not sure I fully understand how it works. I have a data source, it's an excel table where there are rows of people + three columns with corresponding scores in each column:

      person 1 - score 11 - score 12 - score 13

      person 2 - score 21 - score 22 - score 23


      Scores in 1 and 2 are non-integers, calculated previously, scores in column 3 are chosen between 1 and 5 in integers.

      When I start working with worksheet, all the scores 3 are shown as 1, so I got flat line in graph. I tried setting marks, removing and exporting again, to no avail. On data source page it looks like it should be. Googling is also not helping me (maybe I'm not formulating it right, English is not my first language).


      So, how can I add all different scores from column 3? Does tableau even work with this kind of data?


      Thank you in advance!