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    Drill Downs for conditionally aggregated values

    Eshwar Prasad

      Hi Team,


      i have view like below.

      All the categories are calculated conditionally. now i need to show the member details in other view when you click on the values on the below view.


      i tried doing that by applying actions. it is working properly.


      I need to create 3 drills downs with member details.(PFA).

      first 3(A1c,ACE_ARB,BPP)categories i should have one drill down and

      other 3 (CH_Pne,COP_NS,COP_pne_Vac) one drill down

      and for rest i should have one more drill down.

      Each drill down will have related columns in the drill down.


      Can any one help me on this. how to get this requirement. PFA for your reference.