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    Same formula as a counter and filter AND getting different results. Please help-me!

    Priscilla Oliveira

      Using the same formula as a counter and filter, I'm getting different results....



      sum({ FIXED [RevendaConhecida Revenda], [Cultura Principal],[Tradicao]: sum(IIF([Entrevista Distribuidor]=[Parâmetro Entrevista Distribuidor],1,0))})







      The visible difference of the value added with the filter is that the value of the graph is composed of nulls.


      To try to get around this, I added the "exclude" to not consider this column, but it still did not work.



      A possible solution would be to use a rank_unique with the result of that formula, but it is not possible because it disrupts the graph...


      I have no idea how to solve this, but I need to get only the first 10 considering that formula.

      Can someone help me?