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    Display Different Number Formats for the Same Measure

    Brandon Shelton

      I have a field in my dashboard called 'outcome' that displays the performance results for a doctor's office for multiple measures. A majority of the 'outcome' values are rates and should be displayed as percentages. Unfortunately, there are two 'outcomes', "Utilization Management: Measure 3" and "Utilization Management: Measure 5" that are NOT rates, but actually number values.


      Is there a way to display the 'outcome' field in my table so that all 'Measures' that are NOT "Utilization Management: Measure 3" or "Utilization Management: Measure 5" get displayed as percentages, while the two aforementioned measures are displayed as number values? Please do not get hung up on the appropriateness of combining rate and number values in the same field, as I've tried to have that conversation with my customer...they are insistent on this display ability and will not let it through UAT without it. Thanks.


      .twbx attached for reference.