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    creating dual axis line and bar chart

    Steve Schwantes

      I have attached a packaged workbook.with data that has been anonymized.  I am trying to create a dual axis chart with Industry description tied to left axis in bar chart format, with activity outcome on right axis.


      My activity outcome field is a calculated field based on activity outcome field in underlying dataset.  Underlying field has 13 categories which my calc'd field groups down to 3:  dead, unqualified and qualified.


      I want to filter out unqualified and dead, and just show qualified as a % of total records (not just as % of qualified) across each industry type.  So, essentially the 881 qualified rows or 6% of total records, across each industry type (for the whole record set of 15k rows).  So, the 6% would tally up across each industry bar to 881 (as %).


      Not sure this is possible w/o changing structure of the underlying data.  It should resemble this chart made in Excel: