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    Changing colors in one sheet, changes colors in other sheets

    Georgi Shopov


      I have a annoying issue in Tableau. I guess it is something I am missing so I hope someone can help.


      I have 4 sheets in which I compare Birth & Fertility rate in Cities & Villages.

      • Birth & Fertility rate for Cities (sheet 1)
      • Birth & Fertility rate for Villages (sheet 2)
      • Birth rate for Cities & Villages (sheet 3)
      • Fertility rate for Cities & Villages (sheet 4)

      And here come the problem ... changing color for Birth & Fertility rates in one of the sheets affect the colors in the other sheets... why?

      To me this is a problem because in sheet 1 & 2 the colors are Green & Red. And for sheets 3 & 4 where I compare same value for different places, I want to use different nuances..


      Can someone please assist me?