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    Tableau Dutch Filled Maps - Manicipallities (Bergen (NH) and Bergen (L))

    Gerben Sinke




      Within Tablea 10.1 the dutch municipalities are finally availabe as filled maps, which is an awesome new feature for the Dutch users. However, I encouter one problem which I can't solve myself.

      Within the Netherlands, we have two municipalities with the name Bergen. One is known is officialy known as Bergen (NH) in the province Noord-Holland, while the other one is officialy known as Bergen (L) in the province Limburg. However, Tableau 10.1 does not seem to recognise these municipalities, custom search only finds Bergen, which doesn't work for both manunicipalities and I'm not able to find the right naming in Tableau. Does someone knows how to fix this problem?



      (I attached a map with the locations of both municipalities and the workbook)



      Thanks in advance!


      Dutch Municipalities.jpg