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    Filtering out dimensions based on a measure value

    michael frenzel



      The attached workbook shows sales of products 1-10, for 3 weeks, and shows whether those products were sold at Full Price (FP) or Reduced (RD) in that week


      i want to be able to filter the data to look only at the products that are at reduced status in week 3 (ideally using a parameter on week so the user can change the week to filter on)


      So in this case the only products that are sold reduced in week 3 are products 3,4 and 5.  I want to filter the data to show only the data for those products, but all the data for those products, not just week 3 data


      i wondered if there was some sort of look up function i could use in a calculated field.  I dont think i want table functions though, as i will want to use this filter in other views at different levels of detail


      is this possible?