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    Tableau URLs - I built a generator and I'm sharing it

    Michael Lowden

      So. I couldn't find anywhere an actual "here's how to build a Tableau Server URL" article, nor anyone talking about it. So I built one and want to share with anyone interested.

      Google Sheets (read-only, but you can download to XLS and play) ===> Tableau URL builder - Google Sheets (or attached)

      Tableau URL builder.GUIDE.png


      Anyway. I know for some of us that have URLs that keep jumping around this can be frustrating. Now you can easily map to the report name and if your developers don't change it you're good.


      PS -- if there is some "official" way to do this I'd love to know. I just spent an hour trying various combinations until I figured it out. NOTE: all the permutations that come out of having a non-Default site that break for the Default site ... crazy annoying waste of time).



      Michael Lowden