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    Custom labels depending on colour (bar chart)

    Sigionoz Jaco

      Hi there,


      Quick question:


      AreaSupplier NameAvailabilityPriceEnable datePause date
      Area1Supplier1Available£ 400NULLNULL
      Area1Supplier2Paused£ 36031/01/2017NULL
      Area1Supplier3Due to pause£ 360NULL06/02/2017
      Area1Supplier4Available£ 500NULLNULL


      Supplier5Available£ 450NULLNULL
      Area2Supplier6Available£ 350NULLNULL
      Area2Supplier7Paused£ 39526/02/2017NULL
      Area2Supplier8Paused£ 37031/01/2017NULL


      I'm making a bar chart displaying the # of suppliers I have per area.


      This will be coloured by <Availability>. I want all values labeled by AVG(<Price>). But ONLY "Paused"-values labeled by <Enable date> and ONLY "Due to pause"-values labeled by <Pause date>.


      Is this at all possible?

      Supplier1Available£ 400NULLNULL
      Supplier2Paused£ 36031/01/2017NULL
      Supplier3Due to pause£ 360NULL06/02/2017
      Supplier4Available£ 500NULLNULL