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    Actual vs. Budget

    Amit Misra

      Good Morning Tableau community,


      I am faced with a challenge that I am looking to lean on the community for support with. There is such a wealth of knowledge on this platform and I thank everyone in advance for taking time to respond.


      I am working on some actual vs. budget calculations and am posed with the following challenge when plotting a chart with a time dimension: I am working with healthcare data here and I want to plot a chart that shows charges for current FY (Sept 16 - Current month in our case) using a bar chart with a trend line for the budget, which is based on the previous FY's charges (Sept 15 - Aug 16).


      The two challenges I have are below:

      1) How to plot a chart showing current fiscal year without filtering out data for previous fiscal year for budget? I am getting past this currently by truncating the year off and only showing month.

      2) How to do a comparison of month in current FY vs entire last FY, not just month vs. month?


      I would appreciate any insight into this. I hope my explanation is clear enough - please ask if I can clarify anything.