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    Horizon chart series order changes when negative

    Stuart Dunlap


      I'm using Tableau 9.3.4 to create a Horizon Chart by reverse engineering Joe Mako's example here:

      Unemployment Horizon Chart | Tableau Public


      I have done this once before, yet I did not encounter the issue I'm now having.  I have my Horizon measures sorted in what I believe is the proper order, however when the Horizon series dips below zero, the order of the Horizon series reverses and I see the highest value in the Horizon series.  This is all probably confusing without an example...  In the attached file, I have a worksheet called  'Raw Line Chart DRate II'.  In this worksheet, an example of my issue can be seen for Machine_2 in July 2015.  If you hover over the area chart for Machine_2 in July 2015 between the 0 & 1 values of the Y axis and follow this down, you can see the horizon series skips from Horizon +8 to Horizon +11.  The result is a white gap in my Horizon chart that makes the graph difficult to interpret.  The full chart can be seen on the worksheet called 'Horizon', and there are many other examples with white gaps.


      I've tried playing around with the order of the Horizon measures, I've adjusted the Horizon Band parameter and I've tried scrunching the series to a smaller distance, however these attempts have failed to produce anything visually appealing, let alone that's easy to interpret.  I think I must be missing something basic here... Does anyone have any idea on what may be causing this issue?